Management-directed courses are devised provide a broader knowledge about the functional areas in an organization, insights on how they are related to each other and for developing the practical managerial skills, decision-making capability and honing their communication skills. These programs therefore constitute of practical experience and training through projects, case studies, industrial visits, internships and interaction with industry experts. On the other hand, subject specific courses lean more towards theoretical knowledge and concentrate on a particular field of study. However, in certain cases, apart from their specialization subject, students also get some exposure related to marketing, human resources, economics, management information systems, statistics and general management principles. Undergraduate education

Undergraduate education

Degrees offered here include:
The Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA): Such a degree is awarded to students who finish 3 years of full-time course in business administration, often requiring them to major in subjects like Human Resources, Marketing, Finance, MIS, etc. Other very similar courses BBM (Bachelor of Business management), Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (BSBA) and BPA of Science in Business Administration (BSBA). BMA (Bachelor of management Studies) and BBM are very similar to BBA courses but with a greater emphasis on management and leadership skills.

MBBS (Bachelor of Medicine/Surgery): A great many students with the hope of becoming physicians and surgeons pursue MBBS courses. Compared to the number of aspirants there are very less quality colleges that offer these courses today. This calls for the need of an experienced admission consultant for MBBS courses who can guide students towards the right colleges that lead to a brighter future.

B.Tech: There are lakhs of students in India who are looking for the best B.Tech collages for admission in several specialized engineering courses. An admission consultant for B.Tech can work wonders for them and provide them with guidance regarding suitable courses.

Postgraduate education

At the graduate school level, students seek a variety of master's degrees, either in general management–very commonly the MBA or PGDM in a specific area, such as marketing or finance. A further distinction is that students pursuing postgraduate degrees often have some business experience, although this is not always a program requirement. Due to the presence of many colleges in India and the establishment of many more each year there is a massive demand for admission consultants for MBA these days.
Graduate students look for a variety of master degrees that help them move forward in their lives. These master’s degrees can either be in a general direction or in management studies. There are also courses like MA, M.Com and M. Sc which are awarded win the fields of arts, commerce and science respectively. They also offer several specializations and pave way towards further studies like PhD and M. Phil. There are also several courses like MEM (Master of Engineering Management) which helps individuals manage major engineering works. While most of these courses are entirely theoretical in nature, MBA is the only coursed that deals with theoretical as well as practical knowledge. It involves working in real-life scenarios apart from a classroom setting and understanding how businesses work and the challenges that they are faced with. There are several case studies that need to be developed and lessons that need to be learnt outside classrooms that become instrumental in the development of a student.



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