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The social and economic development of any state depends on the literacy index. Education is the stepping stone for development, and an educated society develops logically and scientifically towards a better environment, with opportunities of individual and collective growth. So it is safe to say that the growth of the world, in aspects of human life is directly proportional to benefit of education.

Taking into account the scenario of the state of West Bengal, there are institutions, both existing and new which promote the benefit of education among children. In order to determine the right career path of a child, they need to be counseled and guided in a way by which they are able to nurture their path. In fact, policy makers are also spreading the importance of primary education, at ground levels among masses.

When you are selecting an institute, you have to learn the courses they offer and the fee structure. Be wary of those who charge extra fees in the name of donation, or any quota. At the same time, there should also be opportunities for online and distance courses, apart from the regular degree, diploma, and certificate courses. As an ISO 9001:2008 certified organization, Achiever Consultancy Service is one of the well growing consultancies in the city of Kolkata. It has also partnered with different universities, so that there is diversity in choice of courses and other kinds of support including academic support, placements, and scholarships, discounts, course fee waiver, and more.